The Dancer: Acrylic Work In Progress…#acrylicart

I have been on hiatus for a while as I have moved recently. I am finally settled in and am excited to have my own space to work in. I plan on working on plenty of art this summer. I finally began this yesterday and plan on finishing it by the end of this week… #acrylicart

The Dancer


Bring Him a String – A mirror sestet #poetry

Bring him a course of sorrow to string,

string him a knot of hate, he will bring,

new beads of hope to lighten the slack,

slack over waters that sing of anew.

Sword to detach his barren cord;

Cord to make flow, his dutiful sword


Line himself upon a seagull to dine,

dine he will drink and lure to his line.

Delight he will strive for and tackle ‘till night;

night will bring sweets, a spoonful of delight.

Steer and bid adieu, for west-morrow is near,

Near to err forward, his wheel must go steer.


And Something Extra:


Lionfish sketch in pencil