Tree: Abstract Acrylic on Canvas Paper 10″ x 8″ #acrylicart #painting

This is my first attempt at a more modern style. I am really finding the idea of abstract and surreal art thrilling, and I hope to do more of this type of art in the future!

Absract tree


Bowl, Beer, and Silverware: Acrylic on Canvas #acrylicart #painting #iloveart

This will be up for sale on my etsy store! Check out “Art for Sale” link! I am loving the acrylic paint that I am using, and it is not from a major brand. I never found still life or landscape art as interesting, but I am starting to understand that I was less fond of the style that most people choose for these types of paintings. I really want to master detail and texture. My goal is to be able to grab you into the painting and bring every object to life in a new light!

Still life bowl and silverwear


Decided to brighten the picture up a bit:

Bowl, Beer, and Silverware

Beetle: #graphiteart #charcoalart

I thought it would be fun to draw this beetle after taking a close up photo of it during an afternoon walk though the park. My background in science has certainly influenced my art. I have always been fascinated by insects and microscopic organisms. I love the ability to not only depict what is in front of me, but to actually possess some knowledge of the things I depict. Like scientists, artists deconstruct something through art in order to reveal something about a thing or a situation. I had a conversation with my spouse about my very diverse educational experience and how hardly any of it pertained to the thing that I wanted to do all along, which was art. I have experiences in the field of nursing, science, and served in the military. I realize that all of these different experiences are not a lost, but somehow have come together to shape who I am and my choices today. Many times we tend to lose sight of what is around us because we are constantly on the move and desire to be somewhere other than where we are. It is a good thing to frequently unplug oneself from the media, and social life, and take the time to reflect on the small things around us. There are times when being on the move, due to work and family life, causes us to feel like we are stuck when in fact the problem is with our own perception of our own experience that prevents us from moving where we need to go and seeing things the way they should be seen.