Downtown Savannah: Acrylic on Canvas Day Two #acrylicart #cityscape

This is day two of a piece I am working on. I am focusing on texture and movement, and not so much the details. I want you to feel the wind!

Cityof Savannah Work In Progress


Art for Sale and Future Plans #iloveart #charcoalart #acrylicart

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to follow me on Twitter and WordPress.

I am now selling my artwork here:

I plan on updating my artwork frequently, so please follow me and stay tuned. I also plan on making Youtube videos, and working on collaborating with other artists. My hope is to work with others who have a similar ambition of extolling the arts in various forms. My ultimate dream would be to travel throughout the states and throughout the world meeting other artists and collaborating with them! I will be working on a few covers of some of my favorite songs that I will be posting on Youtube soon.

I will continue to use this blog as my “personal blog” so that I can post about other topics aside from my artwork. I may post poetry, book reviews, thoughts, and happenings!




Ode to Tea: Acrylic on Canvas 8″ x 10″ #acrylicart #paitning #stilllifeart

Ode to tea

I absolutely love tea! For me, tea is not only a beverage, but an experience. The savory warmth of the drink is delicious to the tongue and soothing to the body. I usually have tea in the morning and in the afternoon. I have made it a daily habit to sit by my window while I drink tea and reflect on the important things in life.

Check out more art here:

An Artist’s View: Acrylic on Canvas Paper #arcylicart #stilllife #painting

I love bringing the objects around me to life. I have developed the philosophy that is different from what I would consider a realist painter to possess, although some of my favorite artists are realist painters. I love to depict what I see as accurately as possible, but I cannot shy away or limit myself from bringing what I see to life. Colors are infused in even the most dullest of objects. I cannot help but depict just that!

An artist's view wordpress

Portrait of My Grandfather: Acrylic #acrylicart #painting #portrait art

I tried to combine some of his story within the picture. The trees in the back allude to his journey from the Dominican Republic  to New York ,with my Grandmother, when my mom was 11 years old, and to the fruit he bore as a man who came to America as a welder so that his five children could have the American dream. The bottom right depicts a city and waters symbolizing the crossing of waters. The window, for me, is a view into a light, but it is a view of my own window, too.

Abuelo Portrait Final