Portrait of a Friend #3: Charcoal on Paper #charcoalart #portraitart


Another portrait done for a friend. I will be working on two more, then I am ready for something else for a while.



Portrait of a Friend: Charcoal on Paper #charcoalart #portraitart


I decided to draw some portraits of some of my dear friends. I love the ability to take someone’s image and draw attention to their personality or a certain quality that they possess. Although my aim is to be as realistic as possible, I think it is important to remember that one’s observation is limited, and that we partake in the creative act in the same likeness as God. Every time we act, we are creating. As an artist, one should tend towards the idea of existentialism. Everyday we wake up is a new day to create something new!

A Dance: Charcoal on Paper #charcoalart

There are different kinds of bricks—some bricks line up perfectly with the others, some are smooth, some look like they’ve been roughed up by the weather, some have crumbled and dissolved into its surroundings, some have been marked, some are bright red and stand out among other bricks. The bricks form intricate patterns that do not always line up quite perfectly, but still manage to come together to form something bigger in the end.