Literary Figures: Work In Progress Day 7 #charcoalart


Charcoal on Canton paper


Youtube Channel and Art for Sale: Original and Prints #iloveart #soexcited #joinmeonmyjourney

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Back to Basics #valuesphere #alwayslearning #drawing

I decided to take a break from my usual art and focus on developing myself. I am putting myself through some intensive art training exercises and have some exciting workshops I will be attending this year. I am looking forward to meeting up with some great artists, learning, and growing. I cannot wait to see where all of this takes me!

This is the value sphere I worked on yesterday freehand with an H, 2H and HB pencil with no blending. I will probably do another one today. These are great exercises to go to again and again.



This is the final product after adjusting the form shadow and light source. I also smoothed out the area around the sphere.