Workshop Experience #art #painting #oilpainting

I had a great time at Qiang Huang’s workshop at St. Simon’s Island, GA. I met many great artists including the well-renowned artist himself.  It was great to work with a man who has studied under great artists like David Leffel. His loose brush strokes are well coordinated to enhance the viewer’s attention. He strongly emphasized the use of undeveloped parts of the painting with the focal point to create a contrast. I love incorporating his expressionistic style with my own contemporary realist style.


My finished piece on canvas:

A Rose.jpg



WIP Portrait with Oil

I am painting this for an exhibit I want to participate in. I ended up ordering 12 cotton panels from the Jerry’s Artarama website. I usually avoid painting portraits on cotton panels because of the unpredictable quality and texture. I struggled through this painting because of this, but the turnout is not too bad. The painting seems to absorbed by the cotton and so I had to paint multiple layers to maintain the saturation levels I wanted.  I will have to apply another level of gesso before I paint on these. I am a big fan of linen, especially the Senso linen panels, and of the gesso boards. I think the panels will be better suited for landscapes, which is why I purchased them in the first place.

Portrait of J