My Version/Study of Rembrandt’s Portrait

After eight days of study, beginning with a charcoal drawing, a Verdaccio underpainting, and finally adding color, I am happy to say that this is complete. I could have gone in with more details but I chose to leave it as. The medium used was a mix of Venetian turpentine, damar varnish, and linseed oil. I learned so much using this process and will be doing this again in the future. I am curious to see how this old master’s technique and medium may be applied to a landscape painting. I guess I will find out soon!

rembrant painted complet July 14 2017 watermark

Finished painting….



Here are some progress pics:

rembrandt drawing 3.jpg

Charcoal underpainting and beginning of the Verdaccio painting….

Rembrant painting in progress.jpgHere I used many colors to create the illusion of natural flesh. The same color in the background was used in the face.



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