Amidst a Pond: Oil Painting on Panel

Amidst a Pond watermark


My family and I came across this pond while taking a drive through the country. It is located about an hour out of Savannah, GA in the Statesboro area. I found these three small boats sitting there and it seemed so inviting. The Georgia red clay can be seen through the shallow water. For this painting, I used a mixture of burnt sienna and cadmium red light to tone the water and sketch out the landscape. I did not tone the sky to make the distant part of the landscape seem brighter, but I usually prefer to tone the whole canvas first. I also wanted to give the trees some interesting textures in order to contrast the smoothness of the water.  My favorite thing to paint is water and there are so many ways to paint it!


Amidst a Pond: 12″ x 16″ Panel

Original and Prints of this and other pieces can be found here under images:



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