A Struggle: OIl on 24 x 18-inch LInen

Nakeeda 4

I still may work on some of the edges, but this painting is basically done. I decided to do some paintings influenced by my upbringing in Bronx, NY. This is my friend who is a poet. I will be linking her poetry with this piece soon and will be doing some more collaborations with her.

I started this painting with a simple charcoal block-in. I do not use lines, but use the values as a guide. I have never had the patience for drawing guide-lines. I wanted the outside to appear abstract, and I darkened the outer edges to make the light from the window stand out more. This was one of my most difficult paintings so far. I cannot wait to do some more Bronx inspired art!


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Sunset Waves: Acrylic Painting on Panel and Holiday Art Giveaway!!!!

Sunset Waves.jpg

I love how energetic this painting came out. I love trying a more abstract style. I did this on the Senso linen boards from Jerry’s Artarama.

I also received these hardboard and cotton panels in the mail! Super excited to paint! Let me know in the comment section what I should paint! Have any ideas?canvas panels.jpg


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Rock and Waterfall Painting on Linen Panel

Amidst Rocks Watermark.jpg

I wanted to paint a series of rocks and water, something I love to paint. I love the challenge of making the rocks appear lifelike and making the water appear as if moving. I used a combination of different brushes and palette knives to create the texture. I always build up slowly until I achieve the desired effect. I used the Daler and Rowney Series 3 acrylic paint. I really like these acrylics for the price.


8″x 10″ Panel Available: Message vanesawithunfineart@gmail.com for pricing information, or visit my website at http://vanessawithun.com

Waterfall: Acrylic on Canvas

This painting features a beautiful waterfall in a serene setting. I had so much fun painting this acrylic landscape on canvas. I always try to push myself to do something different in each painting. I find myself moving so much quicker in painting and using loose brush strokes to create interesting textures.

Water Falls 2 watermark

12″ x 14″ Gallery-wrapped Canvas for sale: $150 Message me at @vanessawithunfineart@gmail.com

Green Apples/Fruit Still-Life with Acrylic


Green ApplesGreen Apples Painting 2

Green apples framed

I started this painting by blocking in the shapes then using burnt umber for the underpainting. I have done a still-life in a while and it was challenging using acrylic instead of oil. This painting is framed and ready to go to its new home in New York. I had fun painting it and glad someone will enjoy this in their home.


Palette Knife Painting: Fall Flowers

I decided to try out a still-life since I have not done one in a while. The ended up using natural light, which I plan on doing from now on! It is a challenge because the light changes constantly, but it is a great way to motivate myself to work quickly. I ended up painting the flowers using a palette knife. I decided to keep the background cool (pinks, yellows, white) and the foreground warm. I am surprised to learn that some of these colors go so well together!

Fall Flowers setup.jpg

fall flowers watermarked

Fall Flowers: Oil on 9″ x 12″ Linen: Available!

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New Series: Urban Landscapes

I have been contemplating a new series of artwork that will push me away from landscapes. The idea is to paint of series of landscapes and portraits represented the various themes from my urban upbringing in Bronx, New York and some of the events that have influenced my philosophy. I would also like to include some historical and literature based scenes as well. The overall theme is to encapsulate a unique story that people can relate to. I had a panel that I wanted to re-used and decided to try out an urban landscape. I consider my style representational it is not Realism–I don’t paint what I see but paint what I want to tell the viewer. I want my art to read like a poem or a short story.


A Walk Watermark

A Walk: Oil on 12″ x 16″ Panel