Final Oil Painting Portrait

This is day 4 on this piece. This was very tough without the color reference but I ended up looking at several pictures and found ones that I liked. I had to build up color carefully and slowly. I should have waited for the painting to dry with each step, but I chose to work on it regardless. What is nice about using the grisaille method is that it prevents paintings from becoming too chromatic. In other words, one has more control of color and value.

William Sander Watermarked

4 thoughts on “Final Oil Painting Portrait

  1. Hello Vanessa, It is so nice to meet you. I really love the painting but I admit I had to ring my daughter who is at Uni (in Melbourne) to find out what the grisaille method means. It is a pity Australia is so far from Georgia. But I do wonder how come you found me. And if you want a subject to paint I have a great one for you but you need to look at and go to the bottom of the post. Anyway I have had a long look through and I am now officially following.


    1. Thank you for the follow! It is great to meet someone from Australia. I really enjoyed your post as well! Thanks for the link. I will have to give your blog a thorough read. Do you mind if I use the photo of the man”Mud” for a painting? I really like the image and the symbolism, will be sure to give you credit for that. I am always looking for interesting subjects. “Grisaille” is a fancy term for grey-scale. It is an older technique which I employ in my portraits. I may do a video showing this process soon. I often follow people who are into the arts, culture, history, science, music and philosophy. Although I am an artist, I draw from a variety of subjects.


      1. Yes, you can use “Mud”. However it would be nice not to acknowledge me but acknowledge the fact that “Mud” is a member of the ‘Aboriginal Tent Embassy’ and they are protesting for legal recognition of their status as the original first people.


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