Serene Wetland: Acrylic on 7″ x 5″ Panel

Serene Wetland watermarked

Painting small brings me joy, perhaps because it allows me to work in finer details…

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Work in Progress…. Awake: Oil on 24″ x 18″ Panel


Initial Charcoal Drawing: I used a charcoal setting spray after I was done and allowed to dry for a few hours before starting the grisaille.

Awake grisaille shot.jpg

Grisaille on Day 2: Used mars black, titanium white, and zinc white over the drawing focusing on bringing out form through values.

Awake Day 2.jpg

Day 3 and 4: I add an initial layer of color, “dead stage” using greens and pinks to mimic the under-layer of the skin. I then add the true colors and add texture as desired. The end part is always done intuitively, and I go at it freely without much thought.  I am still not at this stage yet. I was inspired by one of my favorite artists, Censar Santos, to synchronize two forms of art, Realism and Expressionism. I have begun doing this with all of my works. I used a palette knife to create textures. I wanted a semi-classical look with a modern expression.  I will continue to bring out the form in the figure, linen, as well as the hands.  Will post final results soon.


A Tree: Oil on Wood Cradled Panel

“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.”
― Kahlil Gibran

There is a tree in my backyard that I frequently gaze upon. I love watching it change through the seasons. I painted the tree and changed the scene as I did not want to paint the fence. It is okay to brake rules and do what you want with a painting. True Realism is impossible to achieve so why not let the unconscious and  one’s intuition guide you to something more.

tree study 3.jpg

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Work in progress… Charcoal on 24″ x 18″ wooden panel


I was procrastinating on whether or not to leave this piece as a drawing. I decided that I would go ahead and paint this since I could not get the darkest part dark enough. I really want to bring out those subtle values. I may do this in a sepia tone using a limited palette of earthy colors, perhaps burnt umber, raw umber, black, and white.