Boats by Savannah River on 16″ x 12″ Panel

Tres Botes watermarked.jpg

I decided to put more work in this painting because I found my first attempt to be too dark. I wanted to add more vibrancy and clarify where the sunlight was hitting. I chose the leave the boat in the background loosely defined. Objects can be mean many things to different people. For me, boats represent some sort of journey and freedom.




Cloud Study with Oil on 12″ x 9″ Panel

Clouds Study 2.jpg

I decided to try painting clouds in plein-air, but the clouds were on the go most of the time. It was fun trying to catch the feel of the clouds also working on understanding the subtle value changes. Will definitely be trying this again soon! I also love leaving visible texture on my paintings. 

Tree Study Plein Air with Acrylic

Plein Air september 26 2018 watermarked.jpg

Since the weather is starting to cool down slightly, I decided to work on a painting outdoors. I have been reading Mitchell Albala’s book on landscape painting, which is an awesome book if you plan on getting into landscape painting, and tried to keep in mind some of the lessons I learned regarding simplification. I definitely like the drying time of acrylic, but it definitely lacks the luminosity of oil. I really like how acrylic keep its texture, and there is no need to bring chemicals with you. I will definitely be using acrylic for plein air studies again.