Oranges Alla Prima: Oil on 11″ x 9″ Canvas Paper

Oranges Still Life watermarked.jpg

Primed canvas paper works great for painters who paint frequently, like me. I did this study using Strathmore Canvas Paper 200 series taped to a board with two coats of Gesso. Although it is not required, applying extra coats makes a difference.

Instagram: @vanessawithun_art

Persimmons and Radishes Study: Oil on 12″ x 9″ Cradled Panel

Persimmons and Radishes Watermarked.jpg

Something that I have noticed in my development as an artist is the intentional brush stroke. While I don’t overthink what I’m doing, I try to remain aware of how each brush stroke will change the painting. I have always been interested in dancing and music. I play guitar, a little piano, and took ballet as a child. In some ways I have come to view each of my painting sessions as a dance across the canvas and each brush strokes as a footstep.