Storm Watch: Oil on 14″ x 11″ Canvas

Storm Watch watermarked.jpg

This is an oil painting I started several months ago, but decided to put away for a bit. I wasn’t happy with the values. I went back on it yesterday and darkened the storm clouds to bring more depth to the painting.

Finding the light in the midst of a storm is always challenging, but in the end there is always beauty to be found.

Storm Watch: Oil on 11″ x 14″ Canvas

Painting Sketch: Week 1: Oil on Canvas Paper

As stated in my last post, I committed myself to painting outdoors at least once a week, so I forced myself to choose something in my backyard. I used an old lunchbox and made it into a pochade box. This week I decided to do a quick mini sketch of my husband reading a book outside. I liked the way the sun shine glistened on his figure–so poetic, right?  And, I did add the chair afterwards. I really had good results with painting on canvas paper, so I took the rest of my paper and cut them into smaller pieces for these mini-paintings.

quick sketch 1.jpg