“Just do it!” Oil Painting 8″ x 10″ Panel

I have to admit, there are just some days that I do not feel like painting. It is super hot in Savannah, GA–over mid-90s so going out to find inspiration is not fun. I have also been focused on getting myself into some healthier habits–eating, sleeping, and exercise. I have been trying not to push myself to paint when I do not feel like it, but I also fear that going too long without painting will cause a set back in my artistic process–or worse, I’ll become someone or something else.

But seriously, I have been allowing myself to take some time off, usually a couple of days, in between engaging in some kind artwork. I have been also reflecting on the style I want to implement and the subject of my focus. I try not to force myself into a specific style or genre as I want to be moved and shaped by what is around me. Although I feel my style becoming more pronounced, I am happy to paint anything and not limit myself.

In order to make this post brief, my thoughts on today’s painting session is that sometimes you have to “just do it,” like Nike—of course, always make sure you are in a good emotional state to paint, but do not feel stuck and overthink the process—this applies to all creators. Today, I decided on two simple eggplants with different colors that I had in my fridge–because I am healthy. The artist in me never feels that my work is perfect enough, so I use each painting as a lesson and avoid over-criticizing my painting.

For this study, I wanted to mimic the smooth texture of the eggplant and contrast that with some textured impasto work. I used mainly one brush to sketch and paint alla prima, a soft brush to smooth some of the white and edges, and a palette knife. The quality of this photo is really rough due to the lighting, so I apologize.

eggplants June 29th 2019.jpg

Here is a better photo with better lighting:

eggplants June 29th 2019 watermarked.jpg





7 thoughts on ““Just do it!” Oil Painting 8″ x 10″ Panel

  1. I feel exactly the same when I don’t paint for a few days, I fear I will lose the ability 🙂 it’s interesting what one tends to paint too, you like your fruit, I like my flowers or angels. I agree with the sentiment just do it. 😉

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    1. Glad to hear I am not alone. Yes, what one paints is personal. I have tried to force myself to paint other things that I don’t normally paint, but I always go back to the same subjects. Some of my influence are some contemporary artists I admire. I want to paint more flowers, but have had little success. Maybe I will give it go soon! Angels and flowers are always beautiful subjects. Keep painting! 🙂

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  2. Your eggplant looks pretty beautiful to me, Vanessa – The heat really puts me off of painting, too, a lot of the time, and I have been known to paint SNOW at this time of year to try to cool off in my mind! We just have to show up and get that brush in our hands and try to have fun with it, don’t we?

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