Green Apples/Fruit Still-Life with Acrylic


Green ApplesGreen Apples Painting 2

Green apples framed

I started this painting by blocking in the shapes then using burnt umber for the underpainting. I have done a still-life in a while and it was challenging using acrylic instead of oil. This painting is framed and ready to go to its new home in New York. I had fun painting it and glad someone will enjoy this in their home.



My New Brochure and Artwork for Sale!

Here is a glimpse of the brochure for my upcoming show at The Gallery Expresso in Savannah, GA for the entire month of December! If you are in the area, stop in and check it out!

brochure sample 2

Brochure sample 1

I also have put some art for sale on eBay for convenience! Check it out and feel free to share! The listing is for the flowers, but you can check out my other listings on the same page:

Palette Knife Painting: Fall Flowers

I decided to try out a still-life since I have not done one in a while. The ended up using natural light, which I plan on doing from now on! It is a challenge because the light changes constantly, but it is a great way to motivate myself to work quickly. I ended up painting the flowers using a palette knife. I decided to keep the background cool (pinks, yellows, white) and the foreground warm. I am surprised to learn that some of these colors go so well together!

Fall Flowers setup.jpg

fall flowers watermarked

Fall Flowers: Oil on 9″ x 12″ Linen: Available!

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New Series: Urban Landscapes

I have been contemplating a new series of artwork that will push me away from landscapes. The idea is to paint of series of landscapes and portraits represented the various themes from my urban upbringing in Bronx, New York and some of the events that have influenced my¬†philosophy. I would also like to include some historical and literature based scenes as well. The overall theme is to encapsulate¬†a unique story that people can relate to. I had a panel that I wanted to re-used and decided to try out an urban landscape. I consider my style representational it is not Realism–I don’t paint what I see but paint what I want to tell the viewer. I want my art to read like a poem or a short story.


A Walk Watermark

A Walk: Oil on 12″ x 16″ Panel

Charcoal Landscapes and update

These are two recent drawings done with charcoal on paper. I decided that until my show in December I would focus on drawing. I really want to slow down and pay attention to what I am doing and saying. Now that I am in school again, working on an English degree, I try to limit my drawing and painting to no more than 2 hours a day. I think this is the perfect amount of time for me. I really enjoy breaking away from what I see and using my imagination to create something different. My landscapes are about finding symbols and telling a story rather than just painting what I see. I want to make the viewer feel as if they could join me in my art.

I do plan on painting a few more landscapes this year. I will be joining a group of artist in in South Carolina to work on some Plein Air painting next weekend. I will post what I learned and some sample pictures of the event next week!

Also, One of my pieces “Keep Watch” has also been selected to be featured in 311 Gallery’s Landscapes and Seascapes Juried Art Show from November 2nd to the 25th. I am super excited about this event and will definitely post some pictures about this event soon!

Thank you so much to those who have subscribed to my blog and take the time to read my posts! It really pushes me to write and draw more often.


Charcoal landscapes:


Another one

22 x 17 inch Paper

Aproach watermark

30 x 22-inch Paper

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Palette Knife Oil Painting on Panel

art 3

I painted this landscape using a size 8 and 10 bright brush and a palette knife. I wanted to create something highly textured so that the viewer can feel a part of the landscape. I feel very much connected with this style and will continue to utilize this technique in my paintings. Plus, the palette knife lasts a lifetime and is easy to clean up. ūüôā

This 14 x 16-inch panel is available! Simply message me an offer via FB @VanessaWithunArt or via the contact button @ for more information.

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