First Youtube Video: Charcoal Landsape

Excuse the glare and the change in camera view. I will never start filming without a full battery charge again! Will be posting some more soon. Background music is my own.


Another one of my favorite songs. #ilovemusic

My goal is to be able to play this solo! I have managed to get down the rest of  the song, but cannot call myself a guitar player until I can play this solo. I love the jazzy blues sound to it, and is in my opinion one of the best solos of all time by one of the best guitarists of all time. I actually prefer the remake over the original.

Pantera’s  Caravan Planet

This person managed to perform the solo with an acoustic guitar, which is very difficult to do. Highly impressive!

Music Fridays

I stated last week that I would be posting a favorite song of mine every week on Friday. I am originally from Bronx, New York, so naturally I am  a fan of hip-hop. When.I first moved to the Texas I began listening to southern hip-hop. This song brings back many memories for me. As someone who grew up poor, I am always reminded to look back at simpler times.





Music and art are the only means of communication that transcend all aspects of the material world, and yet permeates every single atom within it. Music has the ability to shape, move, and transform us into something else. I decided to begin posting some of my favorite songs every Friday. I normally listen to music from different genres, including rock, metal, hip-hip, and classical, but I love playing blues, classic rock, and folk on the guitar. I just came across this brilliant pianist, Francesco Taskeyali, and thought it was a good time to start sharing the music that inspires me. I always love to hear what songs motivate people!