AOC Virtual Art Show and Throwback!

Happy to have some of my pieces displayed in this virtual art show with other talented artists:

Click here to view my selected pieces:

I also decided to feature one of my older paintings from 2018. I am very passionate about the ecosystem especially since I live in a coastal area. This one was displayed at the Garibaldi Museum in Oregon for an art show dedicated to the coastal areas around the United States.


Sunflowers: Oil on 8” x 8” panel

I painted this one a few months ago with acrylic. Today, I decided to go over some of the painting with oil. There are certainly more textures, and there is a bit more realism. I’m actually happy with the turnout. The combination of acrylic and oil allows me to take advantage of both mediums. Although I prefer oils, I sometimes paint my under-paintings with acrylic for faster drying time and better coverage.

I was able to find a frame for this one, so looking forward to this drying. Will also be making this available on my website soon!

I’ve actually decided to put some of my work for sale on my website with a payment option. Shipping is free in the United States. 😊

Purchase here:

Wondering Skies 1: Oil on 14″ x 11″ Panel (Clouds and Skies Series)

Wondering Skies 1: 14″ x 12″ Oil on Panel

This painting is a part of the new series I am starting dedicated to skies, particularly clouds. I wanted an looser expressionistic feel to this paintings.

Since I was a child, I was always fascinated by the shapes and colors in clouds. I tend to view each cloud as I do a still life, each with its own features and characteristics. I started this one by painting the background colors, transitioning from dark to light. I then blocked in the clouds with a darker mix of alizarin crimson, ultra marine blue, and titanium white. I then proceeded to add the brighter and warmer colors slowly.

This painting is for sale on website for a limited time (Worldwide shipping and Free Ship in US):

Tuscan Hills 1: Acrylic on 6″ x 6″ Canvas

I wanted to create some paintings that were more abstract than some of my others! I was inspired by the beautiful hills of Tuscany!

If anyone has photos (non copyrighted) featuring hills, flowers, and beautiful landscapes that they would like me to paint! Please let me know. I love seeing what others are inspired by.

This painting is a part of my mini collection (Expressions Series). This painting, and others can now be purchased on my website:

Check out my website to view more!

Mossy Wetland: Oil on 16″ x 12″ Panel

Oil on 16″ x 12″ Panel, 2020, by Vanessa Withun

This painting is based on a recent walk my family and I took to the Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens. I love the challenge of capturing the algae in the water and was attracted to the way the sunlight hit the various sections of the wetland.

Insta: v.w._art

Flowers in Vase Painting (Happy Easter)

Flowers and Vase: Acrylic on 14″ x 12″ Panel

I hope everyone is having a Happy Easter! I wanted to paint something that showed the energy of spring. Flowers were always difficult for me to paint, but with practice I have come to understand how to look at each flower as a shape. I tried to not blend too much and use bold brush strokes in alla prima.

It is nice to be able to spread some good energy with art! I truly hope everyone is staying safe during this time.

Peeking Sunlight: Acrylic on 14″ x 18″ Canvas

This lovely painting was created in partnership with the 3rd grade class of St. Marks Episcopal Day School in Jacksonville, FL. Read more about the project here: