Lemons Delight: Oil on 11″ x 14″ Canvas

I’ve been busy these past few months with home-life and other projects, but I am excited to announce some new upcoming shows and an exciting commissioned partnership, but I will post more about these over time! This painting, along with 10 others will be featured in Jacksonville’s “A Vision for Art” show next month.

Those who know my work know that I love painting still life, especially lemons! They make me think of cheerful bright summers. For this painting, I wanted to capture the delicate light and textures of the lemon. What do lemons make you think of?

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Fruits and Teapot: Acrylic on 16″ x 16″ Canvas

I have not painted with a acrylic for some time. I really like how expressive I can be because of the quick drying time. I also love the vivid colors. It is certainly different from oil which leaves a more delicate finish. I was wanting to do something bold and fun.


Oranges Alla Prima: Oil on 11″ x 9″ Canvas Paper

Oranges Still Life watermarked.jpg

Primed canvas paper works great for painters who paint frequently, like me. I did this study using Strathmore Canvas Paper 200 series taped to a board with two coats of Gesso. Although it is not required, applying extra coats makes a difference.


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Cloud Study with Oil on 12″ x 9″ Panel

Clouds Study 2.jpg

I decided to try painting clouds in plein-air, but the clouds were on the go most of the time. It was fun trying to catch the feel of the clouds also working on understanding the subtle value changes. Will definitely be trying this again soon! I also love leaving visible texture on my paintings.


Apples and Rose Petals: Oil on 8″ x 10″ Panel

Apples and petals

I was inspired by one of my favorite contemporary artists, Qiang Huang, to paint a still-life in a similar style. I love his direct brushstrokes and energetic flow. Although it is realistic, there are parts left undefined, especially in the background. As much as I want to do some plein-air work, I don’t have time. I always think still-life is a great substitute. Plus it is fun arranging objects. The real challenge is being able to fit everything into the painting and figuring out how much space one has.

After some more details:

Apples and Rose Petals Watermarked



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