Apples Study: Oil on 11″ x 14″ Panel

Apples Study: Oil on 11″ x 14″ Panel by Artist V.W., 2021

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! As the year is coming to a close, I wanted to reflect on the blessings experienced this year despite all of the negative things happening throughout the world. I am grateful for my health, family, and home. I also am thankful for all of the opportunities granted to me this year and the coming year. I think it is important to remind ourselves daily that many of the things we have are blessings and luxuries instead of focusing on what we don’t have and need. Having something as simple as clean water and food is a blessing.

This will be my last painting for the year and will be taking a break until next week or so. I painted this from life in alla prima (wet-on-wet). I will be posting a full demo of my still life in the near future. I wish everyone a safe and blessed Happy New Year!


Apples and Rose Petals: Oil on 8″ x 10″ Panel

Apples and petals

I was inspired by one of my favorite contemporary artists, Qiang Huang, to paint a still-life in a similar style. I love his direct brushstrokes and energetic flow. Although it is realistic, there are parts left undefined, especially in the background. As much as I want to do some plein-air work, I don’t have time. I always think still-life is a great substitute. Plus it is fun arranging objects. The real challenge is being able to fit everything into the painting and figuring out how much space one has.

After some more details:

Apples and Rose Petals Watermarked

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