Charcoal Fabric Study on 11″ x 14″ Paper

Fabric Study watermarked.jpg

I just discovered the joys of drawing fabric. There are so many lessons regarding light and form in this one little drawing. The texture of the fabric and the folds remind me of how each of us are formed and shaped to create a unique person. It is only in darkness that light is able to come forth.


Work in Progress Painting

I was commissioned to do the following painting of William Sanders Scarborough and I am almost done with the under-painting with charcoal. This is my first time going this detailed before painting, but I think for this one it was necessary to get it done this way. There is no reference available with color so this will be a challenging piece. I plan on using very thin glazes so that the drawing shows through.

William charcoal 2.jpg

Charcoal on  14″ x 16″ Wooden Panel.