Painting from 2017 with Acrylic

Amidst Rocks Watermark

I painted this one about two years ago with acrylic from my imagination. This one is no longer in my possession as it is sold. I may have to do something like this again. Those who follow my work know that I love painting rocks and water. I love how the rocks turned out in this one.


Another Sketch: Charcoal on 11″ x 14″ Paper

Tree Drawing Nov 24 2019 Watermarked.jpg

Charcoal on 11″ x 14″ paper

I enjoy experimenting with charcoal and creating interesting textures. I was not going to use the white chalk, as I think too much use of it can inadvertently cool the painting and destroy the delicateness of a drawing. I decided to go ahead and play with the white chalk anyway because there wasn’t enough contrast and variations in tones since I drew this on a lighter toned paper. I still prefer to draw on a medium-ranged toned paper. I decided to use my imagination for most of the landscape. The tree, however, is based on one I saw in a garden. I admired the strangely angled branches and the moss covering the leaves, as if it had a story to tell.

Insta: @V.W._Art

Painting Sketch: Week 1: Oil on Canvas Paper

As stated in my last post, I committed myself to painting outdoors at least once a week, so I forced myself to choose something in my backyard. I used an old lunchbox and made it into a pochade box. This week I decided to do a quick mini sketch of my husband reading a book outside. I liked the way the sun shine glistened on his figure–so poetic, right?  And, I did add the chair afterwards. I really had good results with painting on canvas paper, so I took the rest of my paper and cut them into smaller pieces for these mini-paintings.

quick sketch 1.jpg


Interview and Art Show at JEA Gallery

I feel awful for taking so long to post on my blog, but I have been busy preparing for my upcoming show which I will hang this afternoon. I am really excited and I hope to see some of my friends as well as some new faces! The show will be on display for the entire month of December, but the opening reception is on the 9th.

I was also invited by the Savannah radio station WRUU 107.5 FM for their segment “Art on the Air” to speak about my art and the upcoming show. You can listen to the interview here:

If you are in the Savannah area, please stop in!


Instagram: @vanessawithun_art