More on "Thickets of Clouds"

I was not happy with the clouds, initially, so I decided to reworked the sky a little bit. I also lifted the foliage a bit, added flowers, and lightened the foreground to give the painting more depth and character.

Insta: @v.w._art

Painting from 2017 with Acrylic

Amidst Rocks Watermark

I painted this one about two years ago with acrylic from my imagination. This one is no longer in my possession as it is sold. I may have to do something like this again. Those who follow my work know that I love painting rocks and water. I love how the rocks turned out in this one.


Whispering Trees: Oil on 16″ x 20″ Canvas

Whispers 12_2019 watermarked.jpg

This painting is based on the hiking trail on Camp Milton Historic Preserve. This area has lots of history as it  was a major site area for soldiers during the American Civil War. I was really fascinated by the warm colors on the bridge created by oxidation and the green foliage. I wanted to focus on using textures to show the connection between man-made structures and natural objects as being subjected to natural elements.

Insta: @ v.w._art


Whispers: Oil on 11″ x 14″ Panel

Red Onions and Lemons 12_5 Watermarked.jpg

It has been over two months since I have worked on a still life in alla prima style. I was excited that my recent painting, “Climbing Roses,” was exhibited at the Oil Painters of America’s Easter Regional Art Exhibition. I am finally done exhibiting this year and am now enjoying the holiday season with my family.  My family and I recently moved to Florida and I had to get my studio up and running.

For this painting, I wanted to get a variety of colors going on this one. I left the cup and the bottle loosely defined on purpose as I did not want to add too much to the painting. As with all my paintings, I like to leave a variety of textures and brush work.

I’m trying to come up with a new set of paintings for a an upcoming solo-exhibition in 2020. I’ll try to post progress shots when I can, but not all will be featured on my website or blog since I don’t want to reveal everything I’m working on too soon.

Insta: @V.W._Art


Another Sketch: Charcoal on 11″ x 14″ Paper

Tree Drawing Nov 24 2019 Watermarked.jpg

Charcoal on 11″ x 14″ paper

I enjoy experimenting with charcoal and creating interesting textures. I was not going to use the white chalk, as I think too much use of it can inadvertently cool the painting and destroy the delicateness of a drawing. I decided to go ahead and play with the white chalk anyway because there wasn’t enough contrast and variations in tones since I drew this on a lighter toned paper. I still prefer to draw on a medium-ranged toned paper. I decided to use my imagination for most of the landscape. The tree, however, is based on one I saw in a garden. I admired the strangely angled branches and the moss covering the leaves, as if it had a story to tell.

Insta: @V.W._Art

The Truth about Happiness- “Looking Onward” Oil on 12″ x 9″ Panel

Looking On 2 watermarked.jpg

I wanted to keep this painting simple, but I also wanted to  capture the viewer’s attention–making you feel as if you were present.  I use to focus on every little detail when I painted, but I’ve learned that being subtle is sometimes just as powerful.

I always try to post some sort of reflection along with my artwork, and my reflection for this piece relates to time. Sometimes we stay focused on the past and re-live the negative situations in our heads that keep us from moving forward. In reality, there are just things we cannot control and there are mistakes we have made. Accepting all of these things as a part of the human condition is necessary for us to move forward into a better place. Our past memories can be used as a learning experience or simply as a reminder that all  people are flawed. It is also important to remember that the perceptions we hold about ourselves and of others are not always correct, and that is okay–we are all complex individuals made up of many different experiences and ideas. It is impossible to know everything about ourselves and about others.  Like art, language, is symbolic and so our perceptions formed about what others have said is never the same. There is beauty in this!

Happiness is not composed of the  constant need for a dopamine induced euphoric moment, because that is not how humans are built–despite what our capitalistic driven society tells us. The idea of being happy all the time can cause us to think that something is wrong with us mentally when we don’t feel happy and make decisions that can negatively affect us.  Of course, we should do what we can to put ourselves in better situations or remove things in our lives that negatively affect us, but the obsession with finding this false notion of happiness is detrimental to our being. Instead, we should move beyond that way of thinking and realize that most people are not “happy” in the way we are made to believe–despite what we see on TV and social media. We should instead seek to be content and at peace with ourselves. Unlike the dopamine fueled feeling we receive occasionally that leave us feeling empty afterwards, this feeling is long lasting and leads to a healthier mindset and well-being. Once one understand this, the decisions one makes and the habits one forms follow suit, leading to true personal fulfillment and a better understanding of what happiness means.