Watching: Charcoal on 10" x 10" Paper

Yesterday evening, my husband and I watched the news and observed how different parts of the world were dealing with the pandemic. I decided, with the spare time we now have, to do this one hour sketch of him with Derwent’s XL Blocks and Generals charcoal pencil. I hope that everyone is safe! Remaining hopeful and positive is the best way to get through this time, and we will!


With Lemons: Oil on 12″ x 16″ Panel

Lemons 2019 Watermarked.jpg

I love working on highly textured surfaces. Lots of scraping and laying on of thick paint involved. I enjoy creating a mural-like scene. I guess a part of me thinks back to my upbringing in Bronx, New York. Since I was a child, I was always interested in murals and the textures around me–bricks, cement, and walls. I loved watching the way old buildings decayed to reveal interesting colors and patterns beneath the surface.