Grand Opening of the Blacks in Classics Museum, Alexandria, VA

This past Juneteenth we celebrated the grand opening of the Blacks in Classics Museum located in Alexandria, VA, a show curated by Dr. Anika Prather, Lecturer at Howard University. The show is dedicated to showcasing Black people throughout the world that have either contributed to the Western canon or are somehow connected to it via study of the Classics. When we think of Classics we think of works by Aristotle, Homer, and Plato, but there were so many Black people that have contributed to high works of culture and literature including Frederick Douglas, Terrence the Playwright , and Phyllis Wheatley, just to name a few. This ongoing project featuring my artwork will continue to expand in the coming years and will feature more contemporary Black figures, like James Baldwin and Barack Obama.

Here are some images of the grand opening:

Intern Museum Coordinator: Alexandra Zeppeiro
Dr. Anika Prather and V.W.(artist)

Allegory of the Cave: Oil Painting on 20″ x 20″ Canvas by VW


Plato_Allegory of the Cave Watermarked.jpg

One of my favorite reads, Plato’s Republic, ¬†contains an important dialogue between Socrates and Glaucon know as “The Allegory of the Cave,” which invokes the reader to question how he chooses to perceive the world. Although most of us would not like to associate ourselves with the people in the dark, as humans we constantly experience both scenarios in constant battle with our perceptions of the world around us. This painting is my interpretation of this conversation. I tried to portray different people and symbols within this piece, which may¬† be difficult to see. There is actually a person on the far right corner and one on the left. It is hard to capture everything perfectly on camera.