Time For Home: Oil on 18″ x 18″ Canvas

Time for home Watermarked.jpg

This was an older painting I reworked using my imagination. I decided to leave the textures from the under painting instead of sanding it down. I really enjoy interesting textures in paintings.



Marshes: Oil on 12″ x 14″ Canvas

Triplett Park Painting watermark.jpg

I am starting to enjoy the use of acrylic paint for the under-painting. It allows me to work farther into a painting in one session and allows the painting to maintain a certain vibrancy that is hard to achieve with oil paints alone. I make go back on the left side to add more detail. I have learned that there are infinite ways to paint clouds and water. The key is to add many colors and work them towards one another.


Marsh Waters: 12″ x 16″ Oil on Panel

Marsh Waters Watermark.jpg

I am drawn to small details. I think most plein-air painters paint in large blocks. I do this as well, but where the branches thin off, there is a light that comes through and painting this way does not work well. I also love to use color combinations even in the distance where there are less contrast and value changes. My main focus has been in capturing light and value, and it is difficult to do that without those fine details. I used a fan brush to create the texture of the vegetation.  This painting is on its way to a buyer in New York.