El Viajero(The Traveler)Oil on 18″ x 24″ Canvas

El Viajero: Oil on 18″ x 24″ Canvas by Artist V.W., 2021

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A Glance Through Waters: Acrylic Painting


Gazing Waters Watermarked.jpg

Whereupon I met a light , so brilliant that the remnant hues of yellow ocher, which began as white, drifted off into the darkness and surrounded the dark olive grass. I stand among the thorns, the falling leaves, the thickets of grass. I begin to observe the colors, I can’t remember where I stand, but I stood in the shadows awakened by its presence. The thorns, the leaves, the grass, surrounded me. I did not move towards the light, as I knew that the light I saw was ever more present in the shadows.




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A Short Untitled Poem


It has been a while since I posted a poem. I have written a few and will post them over time. I love the idea of combining poetry and art. I do not consider myself a poet at all, but I love to read it!


Why weep? As if the life lived is wrought with pain,

As if time does not deliver a heap of leaves that speckle the green grass with hues of red,

As if love does not give its hill to climb

As if, I want to climb


If climbed, never look back

The pillars beneath the hill are wrought with pain

As if, leaves do not speckle the grass with hues of red

As if, we had time

New Collaboration Project: Art and Poetry: The Bronx Project 84

The Bronx Project 84 is a collaboration project I am starting with childhood friend and writer Nakeeda Holmes. Please check out and like her page and subscribe to her Youtube channel. This girl is seriously inspiring and talented. We need honesty, authenticity, and truth! Art that is not afraid to reveal the truth of society and be political. Art is not always pretty, but beauty is found within the truths that we all share as humans. Being sensitive to the needs of others and understanding them is a part of understanding the universality of the human spirit! I am grateful to be working with her and hopefully some more artist in the future. The aim is to showcase and help support various diverse artforms representing the Bronx. My goal is to develop an art show featuring both visual artists and writers by 2019 in New York. So excited about this project and I am looking forward to seeing where this goes.


Painting; “Nakeeda: A Struggle” Nakeeda Holmes.jpg