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Movements: Acrylic on 9″ x 12″ Panel

Movement 1 watermarked.jpg

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Anew: Oil on 24″ x 24″ Wood Panel and Testing out Zinsser Oil Primer

I recently came across a video of an artist who makes his own art panel and uses oil primer for priming canvases as an alternative to Gesso. I decided to test it out on an MDF panel purchased at Lowe’s.

primed with zinsser.JPG

I applied two coats of the Zinsser Cover Stain Primer. It dries within 15 minutes and works really well! Below you can see the panel is completely covered. The panel can be sanded if you prefer an extra smooth texture. I do not mind textures in my panel, unless I am painting portraits.

black canvas.JPG

Here is a progress shot of the painting “Anew.”

anew wip.JPG

The oil paint took to the wood very well and the colors remained vibrant, more so than when using Gesso alone. I toned the canvas and did my preliminary sketch using acrylic paint. So, acrylic paints work fine with this primer. I will definitely be using this as an alternative to Gesso when making my own panels in the future.

Here is the finished painting:

Anew from far

Anew: 24″ x 24″ Wood Panel

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Odysseus’s Yearning: Oil on 16″ x 12″ Panel

Odysseus's yearning Watermark

I decided to paint a scene from one of my favorite books, The Odyssey. I am an avid reader of classical works and I had just finished reading a children’s version with my daughter. In this scene, Athena stands on the rocks beckoning to her father Zeus. Odysseus stares into the waters yearning for his home in Ithica stuck between a world dominated by fate and choice. In many ways, like Odysseus, we have the choice to face the world headstrong and confront our faults.

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Sunset Waves: Acrylic Painting on Panel and Holiday Art Giveaway!!!!

Sunset Waves.jpg

I love how energetic this painting came out. I love trying a more abstract style. I did this on the Senso linen boards from Jerry’s Artarama.

I also received these hardboard and cotton panels in the mail! Super excited to paint! Let me know in the comment section what I should paint! Have any ideas?canvas panels.jpg


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