Imperfections: Charcoal on 12″ x 9″ Paper

Imperfection watermarked.jpg


A Glance Through Waters: Acrylic Painting


Gazing Waters Watermarked.jpg

Whereupon I met a light , so brilliant that the remnant hues of yellow ocher, which began as white, drifted off into the darkness and surrounded the dark olive grass. I stand among the thorns, the falling leaves, the thickets of grass. I begin to observe the colors, I can’t remember where I stand, but I stood in the shadows awakened by its presence. The thorns, the leaves, the grass, surrounded me. I did not move towards the light, as I knew that the light I saw was ever more present in the shadows.

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A Struggle: OIl on 24 x 18-inch LInen

Nakeeda 4

I still may work on some of the edges, but this painting is basically done. I decided to do some paintings influenced by my upbringing in Bronx, NY. This is my friend who is a poet. I will be linking her poetry with this piece soon and will be doing some more collaborations with her.

I started this painting with a simple charcoal block-in. I do not use lines, but use the values as a guide. I have never had the patience for drawing guide-lines. I wanted the outside to appear abstract, and I darkened the outer edges to make the light from the window stand out more. This was one of my most difficult paintings so far. I cannot wait to do some more Bronx inspired art!


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Sunset Waves: Acrylic Painting on Panel and Holiday Art Giveaway!!!!

Sunset Waves.jpg

I love how energetic this painting came out. I love trying a more abstract style. I did this on the Senso linen boards from Jerry’s Artarama.

I also received these hardboard and cotton panels in the mail! Super excited to paint! Let me know in the comment section what I should paint! Have any ideas?canvas panels.jpg


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